WESTEX – Perfection Carpets

WESTEX – Perfection Carpets


Richard and I were lucky enough to have a day out of the shop earlier in the month, We had  two places booked on a tour of the Westex Carpet Factory in sunny Cleckheaton. (Think Willy Wonka but without the sugar rush). Luckily no one came to a sticky end and an informative day was had by all.

We saw the carpet making process from the blending of the wools all the way through to the finished product.

It was fascinating to see every stage,  even the bit where the Stain Resist and moth protection are applied.

Westex use a combination of soft, white, New Zealand wool and strong British wool, 2 fold and 3 fold yarn and the best spinning and dyeing techniques to create luxurious, durable and resilient carpets in a huge array of stunning colours and styles.

Anyone with a discerning eye for quality will be impressed by the Westex range and, here at Perfection Carpets, we’d take great pleasure in showing it to you.

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